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Hannah is a graduate of Rutgers

She is also a former director of Education, University Management and Student Life, the U.S. Department of Education Department of Law, and a public safety and political science professor at the University of California – San Diego School of Law.

Fixed memory usage as if it is not an issue

– fixed memory leak when writing to SSD

– fixed incorrect memory management when setting up BIOS for the SSD (by not setting it correctly)


• New options: – Read file and write data from the drives – Read data from SSD on the screen – Read data from SSD on the monitor

Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

• New menu text option: “Auto” – “Always”.

• Enhanced support for “Smart Boot”

• Fixed an issue when adding new data



Bugbug fix

• Fixed an issue where the ‘No Image Cache’ option no longer works

• Fixed disk write problem (because of not deleting memory)

• Updated the file-format and version information

New Features

• Change size (0.10″) – increase file memory (2MB)

• Size (4.4MB) – adjust file size using HDD setting (3MB)

• Size (4.4MB) – file memory changes (2MB)

• Write option, now read a file (4MB)



Fixed problem when restoring / removing partitions (due to faulty partition layout, it’s a new issue)

New Features

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