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Ladies and gentlemen, I have posted several pictures and video of a very special show I am doing tonight at Bibi’s, (Coffee House in the Haifa Square), at the Jewish Temple and on the street.

My friend Giorgiana and I will be performing at 15:00 pm on Wednesday (Nov 2) from 2-4pm, The Jewish Festival of Lights, and I will be handing out pamphlets and banners. http://acerlaptop.fashion24.com.ng/ad_category/rabbits/
My main prize for my party is one copy of my latest book and one of my favorite books by my favorite Rabbi, the author, Tzitz Chaim, “Dr. Yisrael Hasan,” on the subject of sexual relations between a rabbi and the woman in his life.

I want to give a shout-out to Mr. Chaim for his wonderful book, “Eros Dror (Tay-Gem), the first important book on Israel’s Rabbinical practice, which has been published in seven languages by the American Rabbinical Review in America and internationally. It is available almost immediately and in every language.

Sincerely, Rabbi S. Chaim,

The Bibi Knesset

P.S. You already know Rabbi Schonfeld Shaul’s name (Chaim Schwartz, Rabbi of Haifa Shaul, who had several books published by the Haifa Press

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