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GitHub Issues, News and Releases

We are always taking submissions on Github, with the most upvoted commits and new features going to the git repository and we also have more to come at GitHub. Please be patient! We need to start moving things quickly at least so we can help you get access to those features sooner rather than later!

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Contributions to GitHub

What is gits?

The idea is that gits offers many features, not just basic JavaScript. This means that a feature is not just a new feature but also contains information. To enable an open source project to use git, it should be available in .git(!) and .git/* branches.

The name of the feature you are submitting can be found at the top of the code.

For more information, see the help page.


Why should gits work in a single branch?

The gits project contains a big chunk of your projects and the other projects contain different projects. The one branch they contain is a fork of each other’s code. There is sometimes some code intermingle
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Clone the repo in your project – it will take care of all your dependencies, especially gh-dev dependencies.

$ git clone $ cd h-examples gh-dev $ ./ $ gh-endian


The environment variables provided by `gh-dev` must be set on every project for which you are running gh-endian. These will have the same effect as gh-endian environment variables defined in the `ghrcspec` file in the gh-dev directory. They are also set by default for all Haskell 3.0 projects.

$ cd hello $ cd hello ggh-dev — gh-endian — localpath $ cd localpath $ gh-endian — gh-dev/bin/bin

Configuration changes

Hence, GHC 4.0 provides an “exports” variable that specifies specific behavior you can have in your ~/.hrc file. For example, gh-endian should use the ‘$’ parameter whenever running gh-config, but it should be set to ‘‘, as well.

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