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To obtain a replacement, consult your local DMV office.
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6.10 Summary This summary outlines all the important information about the US Census. Here is the main difference between the two reports.

Both reports take into account both the US national origin of each person, including any changes in local legal status. See footnote for details. The report details where to go for the most information in order to have an estimate of where to go for more resources. The report also allows you to identify your home state or an area in which you may take a census request. The report includes information on where to go for more information on how to ask for documents, how to file a request, and where you may live or work.

6.11 Notes The report shows the types of documents that may be requested.

A Census Request or a Request for Documents may be found on the Census Request page at the bottom of the report. If a document is requested, the Census Request page will show the results. A person may choose to file a petition.

Information on how to file a petition may include information about the Census Bureau’s records of public records or other information with which one or several individuals have access.

6.12 A request for information may not be filed with the Office of the Census. (The census may ask

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