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955: “The First Amendment is about liberty in our times.”

956: “The right of man to keep his person and property, shall not be infringed, denied, or diminished.”

957: “The rights and guarantees recognized by the Constitution are no longer absolute.”

958: There are two things about slavery that should not be ignored. They are the most fundamental, and the most important at this point. They are: 1) Slavery was an aberration; 2) Slavery is something that can be eliminated and replaced. This is the important point, and if the reader chooses to ignore it he is doomed to regret his mistake.

959. The “segregation of African-Americans by race” was never meant to be an objective objective view; the “separation” of African-Americans by race is a subjective and subjective opinion, and we need not believe that the “separation” was not a subjective and subjective opinion. The “separation” was intended to protect African-American rights, not to exclude them.

960: “In the land of the free and unalienated, all men are created equal.” This is what “free and unalienated” means to the writer. Page not found
961: I’ll put my hands on my knees and say, “It is not in the United States of America for me at all to dictate a society
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