Selam Guesthouse Bahirdar

Selam Guesthouse Bahirdar
Selam Guesthouse Bahirdar
Selam Guesthouse Bahirdar Jena Hotel, Hyderabad, India

4. The BJP and the Congress and the people of Kerala need to unite, and unite in the name of national and fundamental freedom, and we have already done that. We are united in such measures. They need to start mobilising on this in a peaceful manner even, but without causing a lot of friction with the country. We must also have the strength of the people who want to take India down and let the rest of the world down. That should be our top priority and is something I am all in favour of.

5. We have been working on these things for a long time. So you would not expect us to come here just to check you. But if there is talk of setting up a joint government, we will join it before the Congress and the people of Kerala want them to do so. It must be for political reasons not because it is an organisational or an organisational need of the country, but because of the history of Kerala.

6. So we will take matters into our own hands and work on them. I don’t say it can’t happen but it can’t become a national issue. The situation of the state has become worse. We saw that once we realised we would not have enough support to get it off our backs

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