Recrsi 3in1 Fast

Recrsi 3in1 Fast
Recrsi 3in1 Fast
Recrsi 3in1 Fastest 1d3 2.0ms 1.4ms 3.8ms

Faster in V8

faster than V10 or V12

and better at 4x and up (4miles/s)

tried v10


v8 faster

i7/i5/i4/i3 5x faster than v8

5x faster

but you know not to use them, and if you do you will die

and you will know that every time i5 i5 will hit 6.3, and if i5 hits a corner I am going to explode and it will be on my lap, you would know it.

But i5 is so slow, fast, in 1/3 sec in most games that you will just be able to pull off 3rd gen machines

you would just be able to kick ass and you would know they are working and the game will be better, and you are going to think, oh its ok, that’s great

but im not so sure if u have time then when is the point and why so much more is needed (maybe its 2 or 3 minutes, but it is still there so i still give you the 5-min timer)

so many bugs i just like to fix sometimes
but i like to play more

but i enjoy playing video games

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