Nike TN Sneakers in Nairobi

Nike TN Sneakers in Nairobi
Nike TN Sneakers in Nairobi
Nike TN Sneakers in Nairobi? Why? We’ll reveal that Nike is offering a range of Nike products to the casual and upper class which will all include high quality shoe made specifically for you.

Nike TN, of course, is the brand that took the world by storm when Nike began to advertise a more affordable new collection, now known as their “Nike Collection”, at the end of 2014.

The sneaker is available exclusively in the Nike Nairobi store. It will go on sale from August 12th in New Delhi.

The price of the Nike TN sneaker is set at Rs. 99 (it is available in pairs as per the description on the inside, to a maximum of Rs. 200). A set of 5 and a total of 22 Nike TN sneakers will get a brand brand brand of the name of Nike TN and are suitable for all sportsmen.

Nike TN is also known by the brand for its distinctive black stripes, black stripes and some other famous brands. The sneaker comes in two sizes, the one containing the Nike TN Ultra Boost which should be comfortable for the hands as well as good for an extreme run.

The sneakers also come in white, black and a combination of color combinations, including green, yellow and tan.

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